Trivago Fire is motivated by the high service standards that all industries commit themselves to. Our willingness and ability to share our knowledge to develop a relationship and reliability with our customers not as contractors but as family.


  • Aids and assists all prominent and potential businesses with basic fire protective equipment by providing a risk analysis.
  • Aids in fire protective and safety equipment with an affordable budget investment.
  • Values every client with high quality standards of service excellence.
  • Aids in attaining knowledge of our customer’s operations, so that we as service agents, attend to all operating needs without disruption to our client’s production including their valuable staff.

It is a legislative requirement for all spheres for business. You may think it is a grudge purchase for yourself, your establishment, your workforce and your clients YET it is a Necessity.
It is a requisite for insurance coverage.

Trivago Fire is here to destroy the fire -  Call us!